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i smoke and i drink and

everytime i blink i have a tiny dream

15 March
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you walk through my walls
like a ghost on t.v.
you penetrate me
and my little pink heart
is on it's little brown raft
floating out to sea
and what can i say
but i'm wired this way
and you're wired to me
accoustic guitar, activism, adam duritz, alkaline trio, ani, anti-war, art, audioslave, berkeley, between the bars, bjork, bodega bay, bright eyes, butterfly clips, carrie brownstein, chocolate, christopher carrabba, cocoa butter, coldplay, concerts, conor oberst, corin tucker, counting crows, crushes, curly hair, cute emo girls, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave grohl, death cab for cutie, desparacidos, disneyland, dorks, driving at night, dykes, either/or, elliot smith, emotion sickness, expression, fall, far, figure 8, foo fighters, fortune film, friends, funny bumper stickers, geeks, girlswhocandraw, glasses, glitter, good food, halloween, hands, hating shrub, headbands, heart beats red, helping people, honesty, howie day, hum, indie girls, kissing, kittens, laughing, listening, live music, logh, love, mineral, mirah, modest mouse, motorcycle club, music, my best friend, my birthday, my faerie tatt, my purple izone, never is a promise, overlap, pablo neruda, parties, pepsi, pete yorn, piano ballads, piercings, pink fuzzy anything, pink&purple hair, poetry, portland, pretty girls make graves, punk shows, queer conferences, radiohead, rainbows, rainer maria, random acts of kindness, red hair, riot grrls, rubio, san francisco, sandals, saving roe, sherman the emo penguin, singing, sleater-kinney, sleeping, smelling like vanilla, smooth skin, something corporate, sparkly nail polish, stars, sticker film, taking pictures, tegan&sara, the anniversary, the butchies, the cure, the gossip, the infinite x's, the level three, the ocean, the rentals, the smiths, the violent femmes, the weakerthans, theperksofbeingawallflower, timothy the punk hedgehog, tori, vanilla coke, warm fuzzies, warmvanillasugarlotion, weezer, writing, you had time.